Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Journal: the crit

There's a new publication out of the University of Idaho College of Law called the crit: a journal of critical studies that's just come out with its inaugural issue. I've had very little time to look at it, because Thursday is my 13-hour day, but it's looking good so far.

Pierre Schlag, the guest editor, contrasts the sophistication of modernist art, physics and philosophy with the primitive state of jurisprudential theory. As someone who has just started reading about legal philosophers like Hart, Fuller and Dworkin, I was very amused by the first page of his contribution.

Duncan Kennedy features in a big way. There's an audio/video interview/conversation with him about the politics of law school diversity; a Q & A about critical legal studies; and what appears to be a scanned CLS-themed newsletter from the '70's.

Other contributions by faculty and students look like they're addressing the kinds of questions that bug me about the legal world and legal academia. I'm hoping to read more soon.

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