Saturday, March 29, 2008

Declaration of Intentions

1. It is my intention to post substantively at least once a week, and preferably 2-3 times a week. The next month and a half should be a good test of my ability to meet my expectations, since it's the time of year when a law student wraps up the semester's routines - classes, work, volunteering, extracurriculars - and focuses on exam study.

1a (an aside). My attempts to work on the blog in the past week have been hampered by my inability, on two occasions, to access Blogger, even while I could access the rest of the internet. Strangely, both of these disabilities took place in the law school building, and were resolved once I got home. Is Case Law School blocking Blogger? I don't see why, but because I'm not in a reflective mood, this is my top hypothesis.

2. It is also my intention to try to make the blog more interesting by putting graphics and videos in it. This isn't one of those dull law professor blogs, after all! It's my hope that in combination with my sense of humor, which as been described as "sooooooo weird!", and the interesting subject matter, the result will be a somewhat compelling blog.

The image above is of a page in a Passover Haggadah published in Amsterdam in 1695. I posted it because it is in the public domain, it looks nice, and Passover is coming soon, and not because it appears to have spelling and grammar errors.


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